The Death Stare


I’m cowboy camped on a spectacular saddle tonight, looking over the snowy Goat Rocks, after a 32.5-mile day through the forest.

This morning I came around a corner to find a couple with two dogs taking a rest break. The woman was squatting with pants down, about one foot off the trail, and both dogs instantly charged me so aggressively that I thought they’d tear my legs off. Don’t people realize that they’re on a public trail? That whole group definitely got my silent death stare…

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  1. Judy J
    Judy J says:

    My hike in Goat Rocks in the 90’s was so memorable. After fog for 2 days, we woke up to a pink cloud hanging just below the tip of Mt. Adams and the sun coming up over the Goat Rock Meadows. Unforgettable!

    That lady probably didn’t bury her poop either! Yikes.

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