Mount Adams


Taking advantage of good weather while it lasts, I hiked 30.6 miles to camp on a ridgetop flanking Mount Adams today. It’s a pretty sweet spot: from my tent’s door flap, I can look out over endless mountaintops, backlit by the setting sun.

And some exciting news: I’ve been hired to work at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station, in the remote Amazon lowlands of eastern Ecuador, from early January to mid-April! I’ll be helping a PhD student with a field project involving Wedge-billed Woodcreepers and mixed flocks, logging a lot of time in the jungle. After spending last winter in Costa Rica, I’m looking forward to dodging another one in the tropics! Got a few more miles to hike first, though…

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  1. Barbara Gleason
    Barbara Gleason says:

    Very cool Noah… sounds like a great next job, too! Oh, and we’re glad you got past this part of Oregon before the fires started!

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