Sunny September


Happy September! The forecast calls for sunny, warm weather through the rest of this week. It just needs to hold a little longer…

I walked 30.9 miles into the Indian Heaven Wilderness today, where the mosquitoes are as voracious as ever, and camped with Todd, a recent Stanford graduate in plastic surgery specializing in hands (which are, apparently, a tricky business, between the trauma victims, congenital diseases, webbed fingers, stitching big toes in place of thumbs, stuff like that). I’m now seeing cougars in every shadow out here, but otherwise am healthy and in good spirits.

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  1. Julia Sandvall
    Julia Sandvall says:

    I’ve been following your blog since the Sierra’s and am so impressed. I just wanted to say, “Great job and I know you’re going to make it to Canada easily!” Thanks for the great updates and pictures. Take care!

  2. Joe
    Joe says:

    Hi Noah – I’ve been enjoying your adventures for quite some time now in your various locals and activities and just wanted to make the comment it has been a pleasure to read of your adventures and only wish I hadn’t wasted my youthful days foolishly, but your writing is terrific and you recount your adventures so a person feels about as if they are there with you.

    Keep it up and best wishes as you wrap up your trail and move towards the end, and onto the next challenge.

    Take care, and good birding!

    Madison, NE

  3. Granola Girl
    Granola Girl says:

    You just walked by us! We live in Mt. Adams Ranger district of Gifford Pinchot National Forest. My son (6) and I are heading out this coming May to thru hike and have really been enjoying your trip. Good Job with the 30 miler. We’ve hit 20, but I don’t know if we could do 30! P.S. look out for bears around here. We are currently having trouble with a lot of young juvenilles who seem to be very curious of people stuff (trash cans, picnic tables, car doors/windows, decks, etc.)

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