Day And Night



My schedule is getting strange. Ed and I stayed up past one a.m. catching owls, rose at dawn for six hours of songbird banding, took a four-and-a-half-hour nap in the afternoon, opened the owl nets again at dusk, stayed up past 3:30 am and caught 15 new saw-whets, slept less than two hours, banded 127 migrant songbirds between 6 am and noon, took a three-hour nap, and opened the owl nets again at sunset.

So far tonight, we’ve caught four new owls. After dark, the nets only need to be checked once an hour, so we’ve been trading off on net runs and napping in between. This morning was fantastic for songbirds; we took a big hit of sparrows. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I’ll be up to find out soon enough…

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