Soaking in Sir John

This week’s high temperature forecast (in C) for Fitzroy Crossing (the closest place with an official forecast) goes like this: Sunday, 42; Monday, 42; Tuesday, 42; Wednesday, 42; Thursday, 42; Friday, 42; Saturday, 41 – with a chance of thunderstorms. That’s 108 F every day this week, down to 106 on Saturday – thunderstorms apparently make all the difference!

What do you do in the heat? Go swimming, of course. This afternoon, about 7 of us trucked out to Sir John Gorge, about 14 kilometers from Mornington Station, to soak in the Fitzroy River and soak in the sunset. I also soaked in a new “life bird” – Variegated Fairy-Wren – and saw a couple Rock Wallabies (like little kangaroos with long tails), White-quilled Rock-Pigeons, and Spotted Nightjars. The heat emanating from the flat, red sandstone escarpments actually felt refreshing after dark, and we watched until the Southern Cross stood outlined on the Milky Way like diamonds on soft, black velvet.

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  1. Dan H
    Dan H says:

    Hey Noah,
    Great reading. Thanks.
    We are eagerly awaiting the first images of a perched Gouldian Finch!
    You have mentioned the humidity, so I am wondering if it is high this time of year and you have to take special measures to protect optics, electronics, cameras, etc.?
    Sorry we missed your program at LCAS on Antarctica. We had just returned from Morocco and Anne was working that night and I was recovering from food poisoning. Perhaps we can arrange a private program after you return in August? We’ll feed you in exchange for a showing!

  2. Noah Strycker
    Noah Strycker says:

    Hi Dan – I’m working on the Gouldian Finches – they’re pretty common here, but definitely shy around the camera! As for Morocco, sounds like a lot of fun. As for Antarctica, private showing/food sounds good! Always a fair trade!

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