Four Lifers

It’s Sunday – my one day off of the week – so Steve and I headed out for a morning of birding. Since I’ve been at Mornington Station for more than four months now, the pickings are getting slim for new birds.

Today we scored, though, with four lifers within hours of each other: Yellow-throated Miner, White-browed Crake, Wandering Whistling-Duck, and Red-browed Pardalote. Steve knew the right spots to check for my targets. We spent the bulk of the morning inside a blind at Lake Gladstone, the largest wetland in the Kimberley, taking photos and scoping the distance. Steve set up his 500mm lens with a 1.4x extender on a tripod and let me have a go at this beautiful Rainbow Bee-Eater – nice!

I have only 18 days left at Mornington. More adventures planned afterward, though…

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  1. Noah Strycker
    Noah Strycker says:

    Hey Denise – Yeah, we’ve mostly got Striated Pardalotes here (I even caught one in a mist net!) but Red-browed was a new one for me…

  2. Denise Hamilton
    Denise Hamilton says:

    Our entire Pardalote ‘life list’ is Spotted and Striated, Red-browed would be new! Their red brow sure isn’t very big. Hope you can pick up a few more lifers before you are finished.

  3. Dan H
    Dan H says:

    You’ll have to stop in Hobart for the 40-spotted Pardalote. I guess you are on your way home now. Welcome back. No rain in sight!

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