Australia is sometimes called the land of parrots (I think there’s even a TV series called “Australia: Land of Parrots”) – and we’ve got abunchathem here at Mornington.

Most common are probably Little Corellas – tall as my forearm, pure white, with a crazy crest and even crazier facial expressions. We’ve also got Sulphur-crested Cockatoos (huge, white parrots with a full-on screech), Red-winged Parrots (like the photo), Varied Lorikeets (little flocks of green cruise missiles), Red-tailed Black-Cockatoos (huge, black parrots with cool tail feathers), Northern Rosellas (relatively quiet and understated), Galahs (entirely neon pink), Rainbow Lorikeets (loud and colorful), and Budgerigars (like a pet shop). Once in a while someone sees a Cockatiel fly over (also like a pet shop) but I haven’t seen one yet. Lots of parrots!

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  1. Jennifer Bruce
    Jennifer Bruce says:

    Hey Noah, you saw a Cockatiel with me down by the crossing at the Adcock a while back, remember? You where so excited!

  2. Noah Strycker
    Noah Strycker says:

    Hey Jen – Ah, I believe we saw Budgies there once, but no Cockatiels. Still waiting! Hope you’re doing well.

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