Spinifex Pigeons

Just back from two days in the field. Joey and I surveyed fairy-wrens all day Saturday, hiking 15 kilometers along the Hann River, then camped out to spend Sunday morning birding Lake Gladstone. Our camp site turned out to be mosquito-infested, so, instead of spending Saturday night relaxing by a campfire, we were both jammed in a tiny mosquito dome by 6:30pm, ready for bed. Probably for the best, since we’d been up and going hard since 3:30 in the morning.

Caught these Spinifex Pigeons looking typically dapper by a clump of spinifex grass yesterday as it got dark. Usually these guys fly off in a whirr before you get close, but I guess these ones thought they were camouflaged. Nice!

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  1. Denise Hamilton
    Denise Hamilton says:

    Great pic! We looked for these pigeons but never did see them. We did see Partridge Pigeons, which have a bit of the same face pattern (but that is where it ends) Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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