Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds

The last two days have been AWESOME. The weather has been almost perfect and the forecast looks good all week. Birds are raining from the sky onto Southeast Farallon Island. We banded 107 new birds yesterday (!) and a few dozen more today. There are rare birds among the not-so-rare birds. Birds, birds, birds, everywhere – this is what we came for, this is what we live for. Yes!

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  1. Dwight
    Dwight says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and photographs from the Farallones. I enjoyed your Antarctica blog as well. Keep shooting the great photos!

  2. Gary Woods
    Gary Woods says:

    Good to see your newest adventures being posted. I was wondering which camera you’re using and whether or not you are sharpening your photos at all. Also, I think you should turn that lens on your beard at some point and give us an update on its progress. I hope you plan on duplicating the look you achieved in Antarctica. That was a great beard man!

  3. Birding is Fun!
    Birding is Fun! says:

    Glad to see you taking nice head shots of the birds you are banding. I had a recent wonderful experience at the Idaho Bird Observatory. I look forward to following your blog from here on out.

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