At Kennedy Meadows

I made it through the desert! 702 miles, 1/4 of the PCT, and I’m now hanging out in Kennedy Meadows with about 30 other hikers, all very excited about going through the Sierras next week. This is a major resupply point for all of us, and I picked up some serious new gear in four separate packages: ice axe, traction spikes, bear canister, extra warm clothing, and a ton of food for the snowy mountains.

Reorganizing my pack is such a challenge that I’m taking an entire day off, for the first time on this whole trip. Almost all PCTers take a big break here and it’s been fun to lounge with a couple dozen hikers, all opening their mail like it’s Christmas, and gossiping about Naked Hiker Day (which is today) – maybe it’s a good thing I’m not on the trail!

There has been no cell reception the last two days (hence no photo), and it might be sketchy in the rugged mountains, so be patient ;) I’ll post updates as often as possible when I find coverage on the high ridges. Onward and upward!

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  1. Jeanbb
    Jeanbb says:

    Glad to see you will be prepared, but the warming trend has started…so be prepared for high water levels in creek and river crossings…sounds like fun!

  2. Alan Contreras
    Alan Contreras says:

    Hope you have a collapsible hang glider to get across some of the creeks, which will have eaten their bridges by the time you get there ! (he said, on an optimistic note)

  3. Ed
    Ed says:

    National Hike Naked Day. Yeah, I was in Shenandoah NP on that day. No, I didn’t hike naked, but others did. Whoa, was that awkward!!!

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