On To The Mountains


Late this afternoon, after hiking 25 miles, I passed a milestone of sorts: Since I’ve walked 676 miles, I now have less than 2,000 to go. Dang, this trail is long!

My mom said goodbye this morning after more than a week of meeting me at different points along the trail. It’s been so nice to have the company and lighter load in various sections; I miss it already. She’s on her way back home to Oregon, and I’m on my way to Kennedy Meadows, gateway to the Sierras. I might even get there tomorrow…

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  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    Hi Noah,
    I’ve been following a couple of PCT hikers northbound. Bruce Edwards ” Bookworm” The last time he entered his blog he was hitting the Sierra’s. I’m in Eureka CA and it’s been a near record snowfall this year. Next time you hit a town , You might be able to e-mail or call Bookworm for conditions and corrections needed . Your site is excellent , And will be following along gleaming info and as you know “WISHING I WAS THERE TOO” Take care and good job picking them up and putting them down.

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